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PotHoleRaja® - Making Roads safer & Commutable

CSR Drive -Employees volunteering for pothole fix

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PotHoleRaja a social venture borne to save lives & bring out social awareness about road safety among all citizens for better India.


Focus is to have accident free roads, saving lives through road safety, fixing potholes, saving millions of road users from breaking their back, saving crores worth fuel, using waste materials for sustainable future.


Leveraging public private people partnership, corporate social responsibility by engaging employees, citizen and transgender friends to volunteer to give a sense of pride by contributing to nation building, using the worst enemy of nature plastic & other wastes with technology and other simple Eco-friendly methods.


Adopting both public & private roads for repair and maintenance to ensure they are always pothole free and best in class.


Working towards making innovative solar roads using waste materials.

Vision: "To Make Our Roads Pothole Free & Safer To Commute"

Big Bang Award of Excellence given to #PotholeRaja #Fever 104 for doing a high impact social program  engaging public and citizen at large in making a difference to society.
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Awareness & Engagement


Leverage Public Private People Partnership, & CSR to engage citizen, employees and transgender friends to volunteer.

Technology based interconnect

Each citizen shares his/her story. Capture pictures of Potholes and get that fixed through PotHoleRaja



Corporate, Associations, Developers, CSR and fund raising models to source funding and enable Pothole filling using Eco-friendly and innovative approach

Enable Social enterprises, entreprenuers and CSR Leaders to connect, corelate, create and capitalize thier full potential


You are the Raja /Rani

Contribute and be part of the movement



Vision - To Make Our Roads Pothole Free & Safer For Commute.


  • Enable and empower transgenders (at least 500) to take pothole fixing & road safety as an alternate profession by 2020

  • Utilize 500 tons of plastic waste and crumb rubber  by 2020 for road repair

  • Create 1 to 2 KMS of solar roads using PotHoleRaja GRID Mat technology by 2020

  • Have PotHoleRaja® initiative as a critical part of employee engagement initiative in min. 1000 companies by 2020

  • Have commercially available “Do-It-Yourself” Kits for ensuring road safety – potholes, signboards, zebra crossing, markings, cleaning and other self-help tools-2020

  • Make all the metro cities of India pothole free and fix any with in 3-5 days by 2020.

  • 10 major cities of the world to be pothole free by 2023

  • Have 10+ state govt. use PotHoleRaja® Technology, Approach and Model for their states road safety and pothole mgt. by 2020

  • Have 1000+ private properties to take this approach and make their properties pothole free and fix any within 3-5 days with a management metric “POTHOLE FREE ZONE” by 2021

  • Capitalize CSR funding ( ~ Rs. 10 Crore) to make our roads pothole free and safer by 2020

  • Crowd funding contributing at least 25% of the value spent for fixing potholes and other road safety issues by 2021 in India.

  • Create at least 1000+ change agents who will drive this initiative PAN India to enable higher citizen participation with social responsibility by 2020. Have 100+ change agents around the world by 2023

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