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You are NOT just a student!

The Constitution of India gives all its citizens the freedom of speech and expression, but how much worth does a student’s opinion hold in today’s world? If you are a student and are often degraded or ignored because “You are just a student!”, this article is for you my friend!

Education is not about studying the syllabus, clearing the exams and getting certified. Education is a never-ending journey in pursuit of knowledge. It is not merely about grades. It’s about loving what you do and excelling at it. Education is not something that can be enforced; the interest must come from within. It is not a competition and your grades don’t say anything about your intelligence. It’s about exploring and perceiving one’s inner interests.

Students who get this idea and are passionate about whatever career they have chosen, may it be doctor, Engineer, Artist or a Social activist; can contribute to the society at their own level. Students play a significant role in societal upbringing. They, irrespective of their age contribute meaningfully.

There are various examples of inspiring kids and teens trying to make our world a better place. The society however disregarded their efforts initially just because they were “mere students” incapable of making a change. The one person that should inspire every student is Greta Thunberg.

" How dare You?" you have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words"

quotes Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg is one of the youngest climate activists of the world. She believes that humanity is facing an existential crisis due to climate change. She has openly criticized world leaders and great minds in International Conferences for not taking any action against this. All this worldwide recognition and regard didn’t happen overnight. She started off when she was as young as 8 and began the activism at her home. It was difficult to make a change with her own family, let alone the world. She was criticized and not taken seriously as she was young. She was firm, determined and inspired towards making a change and today the world is proud to bear such a great mind. She has been successful in reaching out internationally about her cause and has gained a lot of support and encouragement over the years.

India has the largest student population in the world of a whopping 315 million(Source: , we are almost the population of USA. If even 1% of us strive to make a change, visualize the potential India could get to!

A lesser known teen activist from Bengaluru, Chetan Gowda established an NGO, Khoon when he was 16. He was deeply moved when he lost his teacher due to lack of blood donors. By conducting a lot of workshops and establishing helpline numbers, Khoon now has over 50,000 blood donors. This guy has managed to save thousands of lives.

From Anne Frank (1929-1945) to Malala Yousafzai (1997-present), we have seen the young change this world into a better place. These extraordinary people are the epitome of inspiration.

Bearing in mind all these motivating personalities, let’s do our part in making a change. Let’s drive ourselves into doing something for the society and make our lives worthwhile. Let’s have a cause we believe in and let’s strive to instil those in the society. Let’s start by changing ourselves, people around us and then the society.

Let’s start questioning ourselves and those around us. Instead of playing a blame game that somebody littered or violated traffic rules, let’s educate them. Let’s try to grow as a society. Coronavirus outbreak has taught us well that people around us are ought to be healthy for us to be safe. We are knowingly or unknowingly dependent on the society for our existence. So, let’s make the best of that and help ourselves and those around us to be model citizens.

Schools should aim at teaching students to be responsible citizens of the country. Their moral values should be strengthened. Students should not be self-centred and chase money. They should be taught to chase a moral cause and that their education should do something valuable to the society. Life education and moral science must be given importance as it aids in shaping their character and teaches them community living.

Many prestigious institutions, top ivy league schools and colleges have mandated community service in order for their students to graduate. More and more educational institutions should join this movement and promote volunteerism and importance of community service. This helps build a symbiotic relationship between volunteer and the receiver. As the saying goes “You reap what you sow”, volunteerism becomes a default in their lifestyle only when taught early.

Teachers should motivate and encourage students to reach their maximum potential; so that they leave behind something remarkable for the mankind.

There are many organisations involving students as volunteers, one such is EFIL EQUBE program. ( ),They have hundreds of Social Action Projects from students which is helping the society enormously.

It is immensely great to share that around 15,000 school students have volunteered with POTHOLE RAJA to fix the Bengaluru roads. It is a noteworthy number of young volunteers trying to do something BBMP couldn’t.

Around 80-100 college students in under graduation and post-graduation have been interning for this remarkable social venture.

Pothole Raja has been mentoring these students to be socially responsible adults. Their keen focus is on educating kids about road safety and its importance. With the ideology that, if only you are safe is when you can help others be safe, Pothole Raja has trained students to obey traffic rules and ensure people around them do so too.

If you want to volunteer or donate please visit

Education is like the ever-expanding universe; the boundaries are infinite. Let’s remember that the curious student in us never dies.

"You are NOT just a student; YOU are an asset to the nation."

Article by:

Disha .D

Engineering student

RV Institute of Technology and Management

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