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Citrix Covid Relief, CSR

This Diwali (2020), we did something unique.

Citrix India decided to give 2-month ration kits as Diwali gifts to their 500 support staff(Housekeeping staff, Citrix maintenance team, security staff, building maintenance team, Citrix transport drivers) in Bengaluru, Mumbai & Delhi.

What was unique here?

1. It was a door-to-door delivery of these kits.

"I never thought you would come to our home to give this, I am really happy," said one of the staff.

2. The grocery items were purchased from small Kirana stores to help them with some big orders.

3. Sweets were purchased from women entrepreneurs who operate from their houses.

4. The transport guys got 5 days of full-day work.

5. The daily wage blue-collared workers got work.

The intention behind this drive was to impact everyone who was involved in the process.

The intention was to make this Diwali special for all.

When a personal touch is involved with any gift, it becomes more special & memorable.

We are glad to have executed this. It brought a big smile to our face as well :)

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