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A Note from a citizen to PotHoleRaja

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Road Safety - a subject very familiar and relate-able to everyone yet a major issue. A subject being talked about so often at schools, colleges, public events, social groups and many more such places, yet Road Safety is an issue far from being solved.

As I grew up and learnt to ride a bicycle first then a bike, a car, I was taught about the traffic rules, speed limits, road safety measures and what not to be safe on the roads. I imbibed them all. I never ride a bike without helmet and other safety gears, never drive a car without wearing a seat belt, always follow traffic rules and do all to keep myself safe on the roads. Not only me, many others have I seen doing the same to ensure one’s own safety. Yet Road Safety remains an issue. I don’t feel safe on the roads. There is always a fear while on the roads that I might meet an accident.  After all, the measures I take care of surely mean less injury or no injuries in case of an accident but doesn’t ensure that I will be completely safe on the roads. Not because I drive or ride rash or I jump traffic but for something which is unexpected on the roads and not in the rider/driver’s control. Yes, I am talking about ‘POTHOLES’ a hazard not usually taken care of and deadly enough to kill. Bad roads, POTHOLES kill so many every year.

I leave home every day on my bike cautious yet scared that a silly pothole can risk my life. I keep reading about accidents due to POTHOLES and curse the government and municipal bodies every time I hear of such tragic stories or I see a pothole on the road, for not fulfilling their duties. Not only this there are many such issues for which blame the government, law and order officials for untoward events and there is nothing wrong in doing so. They are to blame, but is ‘blaming’ all that we can do. Will it solve the problem we face in our day to day lives.

Is blaming and cursing all we can do? Will it keep us safe? Is it our DUTY to fix them? Definitely not.

We definitely should question the government on such issues and even blaming and cursing them is right, but we can and should do more.

Is it our RESPONSIBILITY TO ACT? A definite YES. It is our responsibility to think of our own safety and act if we can, against anything that endangers our safety. Being a spectator, blaming authorities and waiting for them to act will just claim more lives. Why can’t we be more proactive for our safety on the roads.

We definitely act when a loved one meets an accident on the road, why not be proactive and volunteer to prevent it, just the same way we follow other safety measures.

I am glad to see many organizations and volunteers coming up to tackle this deadly hazard. I have pledged to act on my part whenever possible to fill a pothole, to save a life and make the roads safer. Have you? Give it a thought, it might just take 10 minutes from your schedule.

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